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1990’s K-Pop Old School Dance Mix


1990’s K-Pop Old School Hip Hop Mix




HanRyu MELBOURNE Old School (1990’s and 2000’s) K-Pop Party 27th July 2018

ID: 18+ Photo ID is required (Passport, Australian Drivers License) 아이디 꼭 지참. 티켓 구매하셔도 아이디 없음 입장 안됨.
DATE / TIME: Friday 27th July 2018 10:30pm – 3:00am
VENUE: The Black Rabbit (85 Queen Street, Melbourne City)
DJ: DJ Mist
DRESS CODE: Dress to impress 멋지게

Early Bird  $10 (1 Free Drink: Beer or Champagne) First 선착순 100 Guests SOLD OUT
1st Release   $17 (1 Free Drink: Beer or Champagne) SOLD OUT
1st Release   $14 (NO Free Drink) SOLD OUT
Door (입구)  $20 (NO Free Drink)


MUSIC: OLD SCHOOL K-Pop (1990’s and 2000’s) 추억의 가요 (복고), 밤과 음악 사이 & NEW

Year 1990’s:  Hyun Jin-young, Wax, R.EF, Turtles, Kim Hyun-Jung Solid, DJ DOC, JYP, COOL, Turbo, Clon, HOT and More.
Year 2000’s: BEAST, Girls’ Generation, 2PM, Super Junior, f(x), MBLAQ, Wonder Girls, 4Minute, Miss A, PSY and More.
Year 2010’s:


* No refunds and tickets are non transferable

If you are not sure how to buy tickets online, please click  https://www.kpopnight.com.au/how-to-buy-ticket-online/ for more information.  구매 방법을 모르실때 위 링크 클릭하세요!



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